Which PC Case Size is Suitable

Which PC Case Size is Suitable?

When looking for the perfect case size for your PC, you may need to first consider the sizes of the parts you want to place inside the PC case. The space inside the case matters most. You need to be certain of the suitable PC case size for your needs.

Meaning of PC Case

The PC case is the structure that protects the components inside the computer. It shields or covers the computer parts such as the motherboard from outside or external damages. The PC case may be in vertical or horizontal style.

Different PC Case Sizes

The PC case sizes nowadays are grouped into 4 sizes. You need to familiarize yourself with these different PC case sizes to ensure that you have the best and suitable PC case:

Mini-ITX Case or Smaller Form Factor (SFF) PC Case Size

This is the smallest form factor PC case size. It offers fewer expansion options. The mini-ITX motherboards fit on it.

The mini-ITX PC case size is more fitting for casual multiplayer gaming and home theatre PCs. As this PC case size is small, it has no available GPU options. However, it usually has the GPUs small form factor.


  • Ultimately portable
  • It doesn’t require an excessive cooling system
  • Best for audios with TV and streaming videos


  • Limited expansion options
  • It doesn’t carry high-performance hardware

Mini Tower or Micro-ATX PC Case Size

The Mini Tower or Micro-ATX PC Case Size is quite common among all PC case sizes for the average consumer. It is the cheapest among the various PC case sizes as it only has fewer required materials. Furthermore, its design is just simple.

This PC case size supports the MicroATX motherboards. Also, the case has a unique tempered glass design. Moreover, this PC case size is known among custom builders.

Furthermore, the Mini Tower PC case is widely used for video and audio playback. In addition, it is useful for browsing the web and processing documents.


  • Cheapest among the PC case sizes
  • Can accommodate cheaper standard components
  • Not expensive and affordable


  • Less space for hard drive
  • Few expansions slot
  • It can’t accommodate large GPU
  • Limited cooling fans and less space for airflow

Mid Tower or ATX PC Case Size

Mid Tower PC case is the standard PC case size and is usually the most suitable and perfect size for most PCs. Most of the consumers prefer it as Micro-ATX and ATX motherboards can be placed on it.

There is a Mid Tower PC case that supports 2 graphics cards for gaming. Some Mid Tower can even allow up to 3 cards. Therefore, this PC case is suitable for regular gamers and desktop workers.

Moreover, this PC case size provides adequate space for RGB lighting. Hence, the case looks colorful, pleasing, and with an artful appearance.


  • Affordable
  • Better air circulation
  • More space for large heat sinks
  • Additional space for more case fans


  • Less interior space for large water-cooling equipment configurations
  • Small airflow compared to the Full Tower
  • Heat buildup inside the PC case

Full Tower or ATX PC Case Size

The Full Tower or ATX PC Case is the largest among the 4 PC case sizes. It is the most valuable PC Case size as it can hold the largest motherboard (Extended-ATX).

Hardcore gamers and performance users choose this PC case because it provides the expansion and full customization needed. Anyone who wants to use an SSI CEB sized motherboard, or an E-ATX will go for a Full Tower case size.

Furthermore, the Full Tower case is a good choice for those who are looking for hard overclocking performance on their components. In addition, this Full Tower PC case size is advantageous for mounting GPU support through Multi-GPU setups via the crossfire and SLI.


  • Can provide a lot of cooling for the parts of the computer
  • Great tool for video editors, hardcore gamers, and streamers
  • Has a lot of space for expansion
  • Better ventilation
  • Higher volume for airflow
  • Heat dissipation


  • Expensive

The Best PC Case Size to Choose

If you thoroughly review all of the pc case sizes, you will clearly see for yourself which is the perfect fit for your computer needs. The pc case sizes comparison is helpful and useful to PC enthusiasts, particularly those starting to set up their own custom-built PC.

Factors to Consider for a Suitable PC Case Size

In finding out the suitable PC case size, you need to consider the factors below. On top of it all, firstly consider the motherboard as it’s the essential component for your PC. Always remember that the specifications of the parts are the building blocks for choosing your PC case.


It is ideal to select the attractive PC case though it has nothing to do with the PC’s performance. The beautiful design on the case is beneficial to the eyes. You may choose the amazing case design combined with the good quality of RGB lighting system, tempered glass panels, PSU shrouds, and cable management system.

Brand Quality

The brand has something to say, so it’s vital to select the brand with quality for a longer life span of the PC case. The case that has a remarkable quality is the one that is not built from thinner plastic or metal.

Cooling System

The proper cooling system on a computer depends on the PC case size. Hence, if you need more cooling fans on the computer for better performance, consider the cooling factor of the PC case.

Hard Drive Compatibility

It is significant to determine the organized mounting of the hard drives for your PC. Therefore, in selecting the suitable PC case, consider the hard drive factor.

Slots for Expansion

The slot for expanding the performance of your computer is inevitably important. Therefore, consider the factor of expansion slots on selecting a PC case size.

Final Words

The details provided in this article would definitely guide you in choosing a suitable PC case size. We believe that you’re enlightened on how you can select the most suitable PC case size that is perfect for you.

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