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The Best Touchscreen Laptops in 2023

These days, touchscreen laptops are all the rage due to their convenience and overall cool appearance. Imagine being able to use a laptop the same way that you’d use a smartphone – by simply using your touch to move things around.

Of course, there are tons of touchscreen laptops in the market these days, so choosing the best one is no doubt hard. If you’re not that much of a techie but still want to choose the best model for your needs, then you might want to check our list of the best touchscreen laptops on the market.

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How to Choose the Best Touchscreen Laptop

Let’s first start with the buying guide. When you want to buy a touchscreen laptop, there are several things you have to consider. They are as follows:

Screen Resolution

Touchscreen laptops are known to have better screen resolutions than their non-touch counterparts. In fact, even the best touchscreen laptop under $300 still has a better resolution than a non-touch with the same specs.

A better screen resolution is great for graphic designers, gamers, or simply people who are very finicky about resolution. The usual resolution of the best 2-in-1 touchscreen laptop brands is usually at 1920×1080. However, some resolutions even reach 3200×1800.


If you’re looking for an ultrabook that has a touchscreen, then you might as well get a multi-touch one. A single-touch laptop only allows you to click and scroll on the screen. Other than that, you have to use your keyboard. However, a multi-touch allows you to use two fingers, right click on the screen, and zoom in and out by pinching and spreading them out.

Battery Life

When you buy any laptop, for that matter, you need to consider the battery life; otherwise, you won’t be able to maximize your laptop usage. One thing to take note is that touchscreen laptops drain battery 15% quicker than regular ones. Ideally, you want a laptop that can last for at least 8 hours of continuous usage.


If you’re thinking about buying the laptop for college, you’d want one that’s handy and portable. That said, you need to pick a product that’s extremely lightweight. On average, touchscreen laptops weigh around 3-4 pounds, although they’re a bit heavier due to their thicker screens.

The Right OS

Not all operating systems can run with touchscreen settings. For example, if you’re running a Linux laptop, you may have a hard time installing touchscreen settings from an external hardware. Most touchscreen laptops work great with Windows 8 and 10, and most of them even come pre-installed upon purchase.


When you buy a laptop, we would really suggest that you buy a well-known brand. For instance, the best 2-in-1 laptops usually come from brands that are pretty popular such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, or Samsung. We suggest that you stick to the brands that we will be mentioning later on this list.

9 Best Touchscreen Laptops

Lenovo Flex 5

A Stylishly Vibrant Touchscreen Laptop With Specs Of A High-grade Computer

Lenovo Flex 5

The modern online business world is becoming both more fast-paced and power-demanding when it comes to meeting the demands of clients on the go. For this reason, Lenovo has introduced a new competitor that promises a solution within an intricately-designed product line of multi-purpose laptops

From 0° to 360° within mere moments, the IdeaPad Flex 5 makes for a completely self-sufficient choice for users from a wide range of backgrounds without sacrificing performance for a plethora of different activities.

It accomplishes this astounding feat due to the AMD Ryzen 4000, a powerful mobile processor, and Radeon graphics. The digital pen further exploits the sensitive display (1920×1080) and provides for ample room for creating beautiful artwork as well as a detailed interface for all of your needs, further complemented by 2x2W Dolsby audio speakers.

One of the significant benefits concerning the power supply is that you can enjoy up to 10 hours of work and, thanks to the integration of quick charge technology, the device can recharge to 80% power in just 1 hour.

  • A plethora of connectivity ports – 2 USB-A, HDMI, and a USB-C
  • Long battery life and quick charging
  • Satisfying specs
  • Privacy shutter included on the camera
  • Accurate and swift fingerprint reader
  • On the slightly heavier side compared to other convertible tablets
  • Plastic build
  • Slightly dim lit screen for a high-end option

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Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 13.3

High-end QLED Display on a 2-in1-PC

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex

This marvelous little beauty will keep you amazed with its Quantum Dot technology and 100% color volume at every step! On top of that, it is both portable and powerful alike.

One of the highest resolution laptops on the market, this product will leave you breathless with the richness and lifelike tones that overlap seamlessly, imitating the real thing in such a way that the competition is simply blown away.

That is not all, as this portable machine can run 20 hours nonstop and has the latest generation processor, the i7-1065G7, which is complemented with a large 512GB storage that will provide space for whatever you need.

The premium aluminum design is pleasing to the eye and the chassis incorporates two Thunderbolt 3 ports with the classical extension of USB-C slot. The ultra-slim construction is pleasing to the eye and can be flipped to suit the purpose of the perfect drawing gadget that comes with its own stylus.

  • Luxury design, accompanied by a slim construction
  • Powerful specs
  • Multi-connectivity
  • Brilliant screen display
  • Long battery life
  • Backlit keyboard
  • It is quite pricey
  • 720p camera
  • Somewhat heavy when in tablet mode compared to the competition

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HP 14 Laptop

Great Lightweight Budget Choice

HP 14 Laptop

Looking for something that will perform well-enough in most administrative or academic tasks while still not slacking behind when it comes to overall performance that is expected of a laptop of its class? Look no further as the perfect laptop for students and workers alike comes with HP’s newest portable machine.

This option is both portable and powerful enough to carry you through most tasks that would otherwise be done on a desktop computer. Its Dual Core Ryzen 3 3200U is an already well-established processor that has proven itself to be a satisfying option for many industries for light and medium levels workloads.

It is fast booting and is equipped with an HD 14.0-inch display, more than ideal for enjoying a clear-cut view of the screen during working periods or watching a movie.

The DDR4 brings with it 8GBs of memory that will suit most basic needs just fine, while the 256GB storage nicely complements the device as a standalone, dedicated machine for virtually most of the computer-related activities.

With a sensitive touchscreen and strong battery life, this is a great choice for when high performance isn’t as important as stability, longevity, and portability.

  • Satisfying specs, especially for the price
  • Excellently optimized
  • Many ports and slots included
  • Lightweight
  • Won’t break the bank upon purchase
  • Somewhat cheap build feel
  • Not intended for intense workloads
  • The speakers could be improved

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Acer Spin 5

The Choice Of Professionals On The Move

Acer Spin 5

A convertible high-resolution (2256×1504 IPS Touch) laptop with an innovative approach towards providing for the needs of the modern user while maintaining sleek build quality and processing power.

This superb addition to every professional’s arsenal was made by a joined effort by Acer and Intel to produce a laptop that came with the latest generation specs whilst still providing the lightweight and durable design of mobility-oriented multi-purpose laptops.

Unleash your inner creativity with Dual-Torque Hinge capabilities to transform your product into four distinctive gadgets, at the tip of your fingers. Envision the capabilities of the screen, providing an 80% screen-to-body ratio on the 13.5” IPS display.

The Acer Active Stylus is also included in the package, providing you with clear cut lines and a drawing experience consisted of 4,096 levels of pressure which will provide for an experience provided by the high-end specialized iPads and drawing tablets with a portable stylus that holds a charge of 90 minutes of use with only 15 seconds of charging time.

It is prepared for petty much any task you can expect of an all-around powerhouse laptop, including a CPU that operates at an impressive 3.9GHz. This laptop is one of the best in its class of high-performance portable machines, providing a superb experience.

  • Vivid screen quality
  • Quick-charging technology
  • Long battery life
  • Lightweight
  • Fantastic sound quality
  • Pricey
  • It might be hard to find a replacement stylus

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Microsoft Surface Pro 7

A Custom Miniature Laptop With The Power Of Both A Studio And A Tablet

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Hailing from an already experienced line of Microsoft laptop production, this laptop weighs just 1.70 pounds while still providing you with the versatility of multiple devices and excelling in almost every category, far beyond the expectations of a singular product.

Take it wherever you go or use it as a home computer, this compact laptop promises raw power and customizable specs while delivering on the promise in an aesthetically pleasing combination of high-grade material composition.

Create, edit, work on heavy-duty tasks that have been usually reserved for desktops with this newest marvel of technology from Microsoft. With the inclusion of Iris Plus Graphics and either i5 or i7 Intel Core processors, nothing becomes impossible with the amount of value you receive through this computer.

  • You can choose between the configuration that suits your needs and budget
  • Responsive, fast, and powerful
  • Solid storage space
  • The excellent native resolution of 2736 x 1824 provides fantastic visuals
  • It excellently blends into a laptop, tablet, and studio device
  • All of the configurations are pricey
  • A powerhouse among its class it might be but it is not suited for exclusive heavy editing or gaming
  • The working memory could complement the rest of the configuration

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Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

The Ideal Traveling Companion For Both Leisure And Work

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

The more we look at Microsoft’s line of laptops, we can clearly see that no expense is spared when it comes to exquisite quality that goes beyond the principles associated purely with profit. This laptop is yet another testament to the assured quality line of laptops.

The build quality on this thin and beautiful laptop is indeed something to write home about – both USB A and C are included, alongside a strong 11.5-hour battery life on a 15″ Touch-Screen. It is both remarkably light and yet sturdy at the same time.

The overall power each variant configuration goes from 256GB to 1TB storage space and from 8, 16, and 32GB working memory. The inclusion of AMD’s Ryzen RX Vega 9 and 11 (based on the configuration) is an all-time exclusive series that was made for Microsoft’s luxurious line of business-class laptops.

All of the available choices carry with themselves a pinnacle of Microsoft’s ingenuity that keeps on giving the market the highest quality products time and time again.

  • Top-class specifications, especially at the higher-end choices
  • Excellent sound quality due to the Omnisonic speakers
  • Stylish and elegant
  • Really lightweight (weighs just 3.4 pounds)
  • Fast and responsive
  • This series of laptops is probably one of the most expensive options you can find on the market right now

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Google Pixelbook Go

The Chrome OS Laptop With Instant Responsiveness and Power

Google Pixelbook Go

Presenting itself excellent addition to the ever-changing environment of our everyday life, Google’s Pixelbook series has always been one of the top choices when picking out quality laptops.

This model is lightweight, offers a backlight keyboard for whenever you are typing in a dark environment, and provides a satisfying screen size of 13.3 inches. It gives you the choice between different configurations, mainly revolving around the difference of RAM (8 or 16 GB) and storage space (from 64 to 256GB).

It sports the renowned 8th Gen Intel Core Processor, making your entire user experience to be lightning-fast and responsive. The laptop is ideal for taking pictures and talking with people online with a 1080p camera and its keys enable near soundless typing.

The battery life will get you through 12 hours of continuous use without the need for charging. The trackpad is precise and the 1920 x 1080 resolution gives an above-average experience on this portable machine. It leaves little to fault and is sure to provide you with everything you need for a full day’s worth of productivity.

  • Lightweight (only 2.38 pounds)
  • Excellent choice of specifications
  • Titan C provides excellent security for your data with its built-in antivirus software
  • Optimal sound quality
  • Chrome OS is faster than Windows
  • The higher-end configurations are a bit pricey
  • Not everyone prefers Chrome OS

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HP ENVY 13 (13-aq0044nr)

High-Class Touchscreen Laptop with Bios Recovery and Protection

hp envy 13-aq0044nr
Having in mind that data privacy and protection is among the biggest concerns of modern society, this product comes with a webcam kill switch and a fingerprint reader, guaranteeing that no intruders will be able to access your device.

Adding more value to this segment, there’s Bios recovery and protection, making sure the health of your gadget is always optimal. At the same time, this laptop has a self-recovery option from boot-up troubles. Besides being implemented with technical protection of the highest level, the product sports Corning Gorilla Glass NBT, which ensures no bumps and scrapes will harm the device.

The design of Envy 13 is attractive as well, mainly due to the backlit keyboard. To be honest, the geometric pattern speaker grill is not something you get to see in every product, which adds a special touch of uniqueness to this model.

  • Corning Gorilla Glass NBT
  • 4K IPS display
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Reliable battery
  • Mouse touchpad sensitivity is questionable
  • Issues with Wi-Fi

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Asus Chromebook Flip C434

Top-Performing Touchscreen Laptop with 360 Degrees Hinge

asus chromebook flip c434
Flexibility is what predominantly characterizes this model, as it can be adjusted in three different modes- laptop, tablet, and tent. This guarantees lightning-speed performance regardless of the tasks you are supposed to tackle.

Excellent storage capacity and several slots for USBs add more value to efficiency, making sure you have enough space and options for various needs and situations. Running on Chrome OS, it matches the modern lifestyle which appreciates virus protection and maximal performance.

Being of ultra-compact design, this 13“-model comes with all the qualities and benefits which are usually found in bigger laptops. Thin-bezels give a touch of elegance to this product, which is additionally beautified with the backlit keyboard.

  • Ultra-narrow bezels
  • 360 degrees hinge
  • Multiple USB ports
  • Built-in virus protection
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Occasional troubles with charging

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These are the 10 best touchscreen laptops that you may want to consider if you’re looking for one. Of course, you have to consider your own needs before you pick the best one. Hopefully, you’re able to narrow down your options and pick the right touchscreen laptop for your needs.

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