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The Best Styluses in 2023

Pen Computing was probably once considered impossible. However, we are nowadays witnessing a complete change of the game in terms of using stylus pen for your tablet or mobile devices.

For many tasks, you will now reach for the stylus instead of doodling with your fingers and missing the options with your fingers. Yes, the point of the stylus is to be as precise as possible so you can complete your tasks faster with utter precision of movement and command.

Just imagine the frustration when you keep making the wrong move while drawing and having to repeat the same operation multiple times over before you finally get it right. Often in such situations, you just feel it’s not the right move any longer. But, having a stylus pen saves you a lot of trouble so you can tap away as long as you please.

A logical question here now is…

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How to Choose the Best Stylus?

Choosing the best product in any aspect of life depends on a variety of factors. The same can be applied to the choice of the best stylus.

In the latter case, you need to think about personal preferences. Sometimes you just like one thing better than the other although they are equally good. Then comes the visual aspect, i.e. whether it’s pleasing to the eye.

And finally, you need to be happy with its functionality. That is to say, what’s the point of an appealing stylus if it can’t get the job done the way it should? It is this trait that will make the difference in a variety of stylus pens available.

You cannot and should not use the same stylus for plain tapping on your iPhone and to professionally draw on your tablet.

Best Styluses

Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)

The Best Stylus for iPad

apple pencil 2nd generation
This 166 mm long stylus with 8.9 mm diameter weighs only 21 grams.

Being manufactured by Apple Computer, this might easily be the best choice of a stylus pen or iPad device.

This magnetically attached and paired stylus pen is compatible with iPad products in general, while it is the best match to iPad Pro 12.9-inch of 3rd and 4th generation and iPad Pro 11-inch of 1st and 2nd generation.

It excels in precision and yields optimum response. Besides, it possesses an innate fluidity as can be observed in traditional writing tools. Due to such adaptability and diversity, it is safe to say that you can use it as something more than a mere tapping instrument.

Namely, when used in its natural habitat, which is for iPads, it makes your iPad device a universal tool for writing, drawing, designing or anything else that comes to your creative mind.

An additional reason that makes it compelling to users is that it is of seamless design. It comes as a single piece (no connecting parts) and is hence quite comfortable to use and simple to store away.

  • Seamless design
  • Lightweight
  • Lithium battery
  • Not so great on products other than Apple

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Adonit Note

The Most Valuable Stylus

adonit note
AdonitNote Black is a stylus pen from the Adonit family. It comes in a 153 x 9.2 x 9.2 inches form and is extremely lightweight (12 grams approximately!) so you almost don’t feel it in your hands.

AdonitNote Black is made to be specifically compatible with Apple products such as iPad Mini (5th gen, 2019), iPad Air (3rd gen, 2019), IPad 2019 (10.2″, 7th gen), IPad 2018 (9.7″, 6th gen), IPad Pro (11″, 3rd & 4th gen, 2018/2020), and IPad Pro (12.9″, 3rd & 4th gen, 2018/2020).

Note that this product cannot be used on iPad Pro 12.9″ (1st Gen & 2nd Gen), iPad Pro 9.7″, and iPad Pro 10.5″. In addition to these limits, the AdonitNote Black does not support other iPhone, Microsoft, or Android devices.

With this device, you will have the most natural posture of the hand. It revokes the position usually held when using a regular pen and paper. This is made possible with the Palm Rejection Technology.

It comes with a lithium polymer battery included and it can last up to 12 hours of continuous use. A 4-minute charge gives it an additional hour of use.

It is easy to manipulate and it’s ready to use as soon as you switch it on. Once you do this, you can use it in designing and editing programs such as Illustrator Draw, Photoshop Sketch, etc.

  • Natural palm rejection
  • Long life
  • Simplicity of use
  • Poor compatibility with other apps and tablet/mobile devices
  • Detailed check of compatibility required

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Logitech Crayon

The Best iPad Stylus for Drawing

logitech crayon
Logitech has come up with a highly versatile stylus for 6th Generation iPads that might easily be the best iPad stylus for such undertakings where line precision is crucial.

The only limitation here is indeed your imagination, as the manufacturer brags.

There is so much you can do with this pen. It works for such iPads as iPad Pro 12.9 Inch (3rd Gen), iPad Pro 11 inch, iPad (7th Gen), iPad (6th (Gen), and other.

It is distinguished by its dimensions (0.3 x 0.4 x 6.4 inches) and weight (19 grams).

This is a rather fast and precise pencil that enables you to write with precision without missing any detail. It is equipped with both Palm Rejection and Tip Tilt technology. The first one allows for a natural poise of your hand when writing and drawing while the second enables you to adjust the line thickness when you need a whole array of lines.

It is extraordinary for either simple doodling in your notes or high-precision lines in designing and drawing building plans, for example. Also, it is rather firm and tough and insensitive to touch so even if you drop it in your bag it will not get damaged.

  • Extreme toughness
  • Natural hand posture enabled
  • Lines’ thickness adaptation enabled
  • No pairing required
  • Poor pressure sensitivity

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Adonit Dash 3

The Best Stylus for Drawing and Writing

adonit dash 3
This is another product from Adonit stylus’ family.

“Packed” in a tube of 142 x 8.5 mm, it weighs merely 12 grams.

This is a stylus pen that yields a great response with its 1.9 mm tip and it provides spotless precision.

Being wireless, it’s ready to use as soon as you switch it on. You can use it on your iOS and Android devices whether for taking notes or drawing. The fine thin point will open new possibilities to you as long as your creativity is leveled up.

Its thin aluminum body is kept safe by a carrying clip that protects it from external impact.

You can use it for 14 hours straight without worrying that it will switch off. The charging process is rather quick. It only takes 54 minutes for a full charge.

  • Paper-like drag
  • High compatibility with Android and all iOS devices
  • 14 hours of continuous use
  • Too noisy when it touches the screen

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Adonit Pro 4

The Best Capacitive Stylus

adonit pro 4
Adonit Company has come up with another product worth listing as one of the best stylus pens for iPhone or iPad.

Besides these, it also displays high compatibility with Pro Max, XS Max/XS/XR/X/8/Plus, Samsung Galaxy Fold S10+/ S10 /S9, Android, Kindle, Windows, Tablets and all touch screens.

This time, we are dealing with a product that weighs even 22 grams and is organized in 124.7 mm of length and 9.25 mm in diameter.

Again, it is a product characterized by high precision that is provided by the fine point. This allows you to make a precise line whenever you need it.

What distinguishes this product from others is the addition of Soft Touch Precision Disc PET material whose sole purpose is to provide resistance to scratch on your screens. Also, it incorporates a hook so it can easily fit your bag pockets or similar. This facilitates carrying it around without thinking about whether it’s going to get damaged.

  • Soft Touch Precision Disc PET material/Scratch protection of touch screen
  • High compatibility
  • Optimum grip
  • Tip pops off easily

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Wacom Intuos Pen (LP190K)

The Best Intuos Compatible Stylus

wacom intuos pen lp190k
This time we are dealing with a pen that is exclusively compatible with Intuos products such as Intuos Art, Comic, Draw, and Photo tablets. Still, this compatibility only includes Intuos CTH490AB, CTH490AK, CTH490CB, CTH490CK, CTH490PK, CTH690AB, CTH690AK, CTL490DB and CTL490DW.

Moreover, the WacomIntuosPen (LP190K) cannot be used on prior Intuos (CTL480, CTH480, CTH680), Intuos Pro tablets, Intuos 3, 4, 5, or Cintiq products since it is not compatible with these.

It comes with 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity incorporated which might not be the best option for drawing.

The product does not require any cords and is also battery-free. It comes with a programmable side switch that also switches the stylus on and off.

  • Battery-free
  • Poor compatibility
  • Low sensitivity

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MEKO Universal Stylus

The Best Stylus for Note Taking

meko universal stylus
The last item on our list is a product that fits 100% with various touch screen devices such as Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod, Kindle, Tablet, Galaxy, and many more. Hence the “universal” in its title.

It is designed to fit the measures of 140 mm, tube diameter of 9 mm, and a disc diameter of 6.8 mm. it comes with a 2 mm rubber point and weighs 24 grams. The composition materials are stainless steel and aluminum.

What makes this product different from the others on the list is that it comes with a replaceable tip. The replacement itself is done in less than a second and this feature extends the life of your stylus.

Although you might think this must be the fine point stylus, know that its disc does work like that, but it’s not a fine point stylus. Still, for your purpose, it will be just fine.

  • 2 stylus pen in a package
  • Good precision
  • 6 replacement tips
  • Not so great for drawing

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Choosing the best stylus is actually not that complicated task. As long as you know what you are searching for, the quest will be an easy one.
Anyhow, here you have a list of the best stylus pen for iPads that will greatly facilitate your search.

Try them on and let us know the experience.

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