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The Best Slide Scanners in 2023

When we want to relive our memories, we tend to do it in the best possible manner. So, if you use a digital scanner to convert your old films and negatives, you want to have the best slide scanner next to you.

Finding the right negative scanner, as well as a film scanner to suit your needs can be a tough quest, but this is why I am here today.

I am going to help you understand what to look for, and how to select the best film scanner. Without any further delay, let’s begin!

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How to Choose the Best Slide Scanner

Before I share my list for the best photo scanner I am going to give you a rundown about what are the most important factors when selecting the best film negative scanner.

Just like when you need to find the best version of other devices, such as a photo printer, for example, you need to take different things into account.

The most important factors to include when selecting the best photo negative scanner are:

  • The reason you want to use the device
  • Scanning resolution
  • Compatible film formats

Reason for Using the Scanner

Every device has its purpose. For example, if you are looking for the best color laser printer for the prolonged and professional use, you want to look for some that have various options available.

It’s the same when choosing a negative scanner. Instead of rushing to buy just any cheaper, or even some overly expensive one, you should think about why do you even need to get a slide scanner.

For example, if you are using Mac and you need to find the best slide scanner for Mac, you should search through the scanners that are compatible with Mac.

Or, if you need to convert films of medium format, you should try to find the best medium format film scanner.

Scanning Resolution

Another important feature to look up when searching for the best slide scanner is the scanning resolution, of course.

High scanning resolution is important because of enlargements because the larger photo is, the more pixels it requires, thus the photo itself will get larger in size, due to the number of pixels.

Standard 35mm films are quite small and thin, so they require more work to become polished once you want to convert them to digital.

Optimal DPI for these films ranges between 3000 and 3600, so make sure to know your film formats and check if your scanner is capable of reaching the optimal scanning resolution.

Compatible Film Formats

There are several types of film formats, but the most commonly searched for in slide scanners are 35mm and 120 films.

Depending on which one you need to convert, you might want to check out the best 35mm slide scanners or 120 film scanners.

Best Slide Scanners

KODAK SCANZA Digital Film & Slide Scanner

Slide Scanner With the Best Adapters

kodak scanza digital film slide scanner
KODAK SCANZA Digital Slide Scanner comes with a 14/22MP scanner that is capable of converting older types of 35mm, 126,110, Super 8, as well as 8mm negatives to photo JPEG files. Note that this is the only type of negatives this slide scanner can convert.

It features a very large 3.5” TFT LCD Display, with HD resolution, as well as the option to adjust the brightness the way you want.

Along with that comes quite convenient tilt, allowing you to easily operate the device and view images without the hassle.

This digital scanner features multiple adapters and film inserts, which allows you to, with just one press of a button, perform the operation, and save your preferred settings.

The user interface is very simple and intuitive, with the insert directory and a quite helpful tray, as well as the easy option to edit image RGB and photo resolution.

As for the memory, this slide scanner supports SD cards up to 128GB, but sadly, it doesn’t come with the one.

It is compatible with Mac and PC, and you get everything you need in the package, which includes USB power cable, HDMI and video cable, Film Cleaning Brush, as well as AC Adapter.

  • Perfect for old negatives
  • Excellent adapters
  • Intuitive interface
  • Both Mac and PC compatibility
  • All cables included
  • Made of cheap plastics

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Epson Perfection V600

Best for Productivity

epson perfection v600
Epson Perfection V600 model features 6400×9600 dpi, which allows you to enlarge your photos for about 17×22 inches. Along with that, the maximum scan area is 8.5×11.7 inches, while TPU is 2.7×9.5 inches.

It also comes with Digital ICE for film, which is used to remove the dust and scratch effects from the film. Plus, there is a Digital ICE for prints as well, which you can use to deal with the creases and tears effects on your photos.

To deal with the faded colors and restore life to your photos, there is the Epson Easy Photo Fix feature, which allows you to restore vivid colors with just one press of a button.

Along with that comes a built-in transparency unit, with which you can perform different actions, such as scanning slides, negatives, and medium-format panoramic films.

Another great feature is ABBYY FineReader Sprint Plus OCR, which you can use to convert scanned documents into text that can be edited later.

Last, but not least, V600 has excellent productivity. It has a Ready Scan LED light source that is energy efficient, which means that power consumption is lower, the device doesn’t need time to warm up, and you can perform fast scans without issues.

  • Good scanning area
  • Comes with Digital ICE for both prints and films
  • Simple to use
  • Can convert scanned to editable text
  • Energy efficient
  • Buggy software

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KODAK Slide N SCAN Film and Slide Scanner

The Best for Old Types of Negatives

kodak slide n scan film and slide scanner
With this KODAK Slide N Scan film and slide scanner, you will be able to relive old memories because it features 14/22MP Digital Film Scanner.

You can use it to see, customize, and convert old, including black and white negatives with dimensions of 135,110,126mm, as well as 50mm slides with the same dimensions.

This slide scanner comes with the top-notch 5” LCD display, which has crystal clear screen, and pretty wide view angle, allowing you to preview and edit your photos in an instant.

To further enhance the experience, there is Quick-Feeding Tray Technology, which speeds up the whole scanning process by making inserting and loading films faster.

Editing is performed very easily, with a single button through the Advanced Capture Software. Through here, you can customize settings such as color, brightness, as well as set date and time.

As for the memory, this device is compatible with SD and SDHC cards up to 32GB in size, which doesn’t come in the package.

Connectivity options are pretty good. It can be connected to the PC via type-C USB, alongside the HDMI cable, which comes in the package. A cleaning brush is also included.

  • Really good for old black and white negatives
  • Fast film loading
  • Great display
  • Single-button editing
  • Really good connectivity
  • SD card not included in the package

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Wolverine Titan 8-in-1 High-Resolution Film to Digital Converter

Best for Faster Loading Times

wolverine titan 8-in-1 high-resolution film to digital converter
Wolverine Titan 8-in-1 High Res Film to Digital Converter is capable of converting 35mm, 127(1.5×1.5”), 126Kpk, 110, Advantex APS negatives, as well as slides into digital format in just several seconds.

For better user experience, there is a relatively large 4.3” display with a vivid color scheme, allowing you to explore old memories in a completely modern setting.

Along with that comes the option to connect the device to your TV with HDMI cable, and check all photos in HD. HDMI cable is not included in the package though.

Apart from that, there are one-of-a-kind speed-load adapters, which significantly decrease loading times, and allow you to load negatives and slides at a faster pace.

This slide scanner is pretty simple to use, since it is completely stand-alone, which means that you don’t need to install any third-party software to use it.

  • Fast conversion time
  • Good display
  • It can be connected to a TV
  • Speed-load adapters
  • It’s standalone – no need for software or PC to use it
  • Too time-consuming to be practical

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Magnasonic All-in-One High-Resolution 22MP Film Scanner

The Best Slide Scanner with Internal Memory

magnasonic all-in-one high-resolution 22mp film scanner
This Magnasonic Film Scanner is capable of converting your 35mm, 126Kpk, 110, Super 8 films and negatives to extremely good HD 22MP digital files in JPEG format. Sadly, it is not possible to convert your old video, since this device only supports photo formats.

There is a 2.4” LCD display, with vivid colors, which allows you to relive your best memories. To further improve that feeling, you can connect the device to your TV, with the Video Out TV cable, which is included in the package.

The device is simple to use, without the need to install complicated software, or even the need to use your computer.

Instead, there is a simple plug-and-play interface. Along with that comes the ability to quickly load and save your photos without the need to cut the films into strips and line them up.

When it comes to memory, this is where this slide scanner shines. It comes with an internal 128MB memory, which can let you save about 100 photos. Apart from that, it is compatible with SD cards, allowing you to hold even more photos before having to transfer them.

  • Connectivity to TV
  • Standalone use
  • Fast loading and conversion time
  • 128MB internal memory included
  • Compatible with SD cards
  • User Manual is poorly written

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