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The Best 27-inch Monitors in 2023

You know how people say that eyes are the window to the soul? The same logic can easily be applied to choosing a monitor, as it represents a window to the soul of our computer.

If the display is not strong enough, and cannot support the performance of your device, the experience will be significantly ruined.

For that reason, it’s of essential importance to choose the best 27-inch monitor that will match the machine you have. Be it pleasure or work, the specs and features need to be compatible with your PC, so that you have the maximum these devices can give.

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How to Choose the Best 27 inch Monitor

What we listed here are the features related to screen model exclusively. In addition to this, one should do a thorough check of a PC itself.

Some options simply collide with each other or do not result in maximal performance. Therefore, having those specs checked prior to purchase is of vital importance. Consumers tend to mark some products as bad just because they didn’t pay attention to this segment before actually buying a monitor.

And last, but definitely not the least important – purpose. Those who are looking for a screen for gaming will select a certain set of features, while those looking for something for the job will opt for another set of specs. The more time you dedicate to research, the higher are the chances that you will end up with a perfect product.


The logic says – the higher, the better. This explains how many pixels are there in length x width format. So, if you want sharp and clear pictures, look for those with higher res.

As for types of res, there are many of them, such as 2k, 5k, 4k, HD, UHD, QHD, FHD, and WUXGA. When selecting based on this parameter, one needs to pay attention to the performance of the graphics card.

The bigger the number of pixels, the stronger the card must be. Moreover, the system’s font-scaling capabilities also matter.

Refresh rate

The same like with res, the bigger, the better. This feature defines the number of times the screen updates with new data per second. This is expressed in Hz. Higher numbers provide smoother images, which means a lot if looking for a gaming monitor.

Response time

Unlike the previous two, the logic is opposite here – the shorter, the better. This one tells how long it takes for the monitor to change pixels from one to the other color or shade. This feature, same like refresh rate, plays an important role when selecting the monitor for gaming.

Panel technologies

IPS monitors have faster response times and, compared to VA (vertical alignment), display colors of better quality. On the other hand, VA excel in contrast to quality.

The third type, TN (twisted nematic) is the fastest, but have poor viewing angles.

TN is best for gaming, IPS for professional use, while VA is suitable for general use.

Each of these types differs in performance, naturally. However, a huge number of consumers noticed that quality is often determined not solely by the panel type, but by the price (duh). Moreover, don’t forget to check contrast, as the most important segment of image quality.


This is one of the characteristics that depends exclusively on personal preferences. Curved ones have larger view field, which means less eye straining. However, they often have problems with glare from certain angles.

Input Lag

This explains how much time your screen needs to define the output from the graphics card or when the button is pushed. Again, this segment is significant for gamers.

The bigger the rate of a refresh, the lower input lag. Do know that this info is rarely included in specs, so one has to rely on reviews or users experience.


Pick the ones that won’t flicker regardless of the brightness level. This matters for those who spend more than eight hours in front of the screen.

8 Best 27-inch Monitors


1440p Monitor With High Res for Top-quality Performance

asus rog swift pg279qz

Promising smooth gameplay, the Nvidia G-SYNC tech excludes stutter and screen tearing while Eye Care tech almost eliminates eye tiredness. A thin Bezel results in a balance between screen size and resolution.

The ergonomic stand is designed to accommodate any desk. You’ll be able to easily adjust the height, tilt, pivot, swivel, and no matter what desk you are using, adjust the screen to your needs.

Thanks to GAME plus and extraordinary GameVisual features, the color control and performance are unparalleled. The vivid in-plane switching panel promises realistic coloration regardless of playing games, watching movies, or performing some assignment. Moreover, it is suitable for wide viewing angles.

  • Smooth and fast moves
  • Stellar color reproduction
  • Solid design
  • Suitable for wide viewing angles
  • No screen tearing and stutter
  • Eliminates eye tiredness
  • GAME plus functions
  • Backlight bleed

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Acer Predator XB271HU bmiprz

Supercharge Your Gaming Experience With 27 Inch Monitor

acer predator xb271hu bmiprz

The NVIDIA G-SYNC tech eliminates screen tearing while built-in eye protection and ergonomics decrease eye fatigue. With 240Hz refresh rate and FHD res (1920×1080), the details will become more realistic than ever. The ErgoStand promises the most comfortable viewing angle.

Space saving in tight spaces is no longer a problem, thanks to VESA compatible mounting. Ultra-Low Motion Blur tech sharpens the moves in objects to the maximum level of perfection, regardless of the dynamics of the action.

With four 3.0 USB ports of high speed, you will be able to attach any type of software or gadget or use it for charging a smartphone or another portable device quickly.

  • Variety of adjustments
  • BLB almost non-existent
  • Smooth gaming experience
  • Zero lag
  • Decreased eye fatigue
  • Easy-to-navigate button menu
  • Suitable for various streaming services
  • Cables might be too short
  • When G-SYNC enabled, the monitor randomly flickers

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Dell Ultrasharp U2719DX

The Best 27-Inch IPS Monitor With Outstanding Visuals and Ingenious Design

dell ultrasharp u2719dx

With QHD (2560×1440) res, you’ll get almost twice more details than FHD would give. Calibrated at 99% sRGB coverage, with less than 2 Delta-E, it delivers accurate hues and life-like coloration and shades fresh out of the box. A broad observing angle enabled by In-Plane Switching tech adds extra value to color quality and consistency.

Lighter than some 24-inch monitors, of compact size and with a multitude of adjustments, a comfortable setup throughout all day. Optimized comfort for eyes even over a prolonged period of time and Auto-restore on Display Manager result in expanded efficiency. InfinityEdge gives the enjoyment of a nearly seamless view of the displayed content across multiple screens.

The thin panel of only 6.5 mm and a base that is almost 30% smaller than in this one’s predecessors, it will leave much more free space on your desk – gives you room to organize! Moreover, it is completely adjustable, so pivoting, swiveling, tilting and adjusting the height make it stand perfectly on any desk.

  • Sharp and vibrant graphics
  • Fine matte finish
  • Good for programming assignments
  • Compact design
  • Easily adjustable
  • Cable management design
  • Flicker-free screen
  • Light bleed is seen on a completely dark monitor

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The Best 27-Inch Gaming Monitor for Hyper-realistic Experience With Eye-care Technology

benq ew277hdr

By supporting HDR, one gets profound contrast and brilliant brightness, covering a solid spectrum of colors. This BenQ champion allows for color temperature and brightness adjustments according to the content on the screen and lighting conditions of the very ambient.

Thanks to Brightness Intelligence Plus, it softens bright areas while preserving dark details crystal clear, even in dimmer environments. Ultra-high level of native contrast adds stunning color depth and subtle and clear details to dark images.

This model simulates high res picture quality by maximizing the pixel density of low-res standard-definition content for amazing clarity. Smart Focus highlights the selected window or area. This option helps users pay attention to the main viewing content by reducing distractions coming from the background.

Eye discomfort is significantly reduced thanks to Low Blue Light and flicker-free technology that is becoming so important nowadays.

  • Non-existent input lag
  • Good video quality for the price
  • Suitable for various streaming services
  • Excellent picture
  • Great aesthetics
  • Variety of adjustments
  • Built-in speakers
  • Reduced eye discomfort
  • Color temperature and brightness adjustments
  • Problems with USB compatibility

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Acer Predator X27

The Best 144hz Monitor for Tear-free Gaming

acer predator x27 bmpiphzx

In-plane switching panel that supports high refresh ratio alongside a response time of 4ms on an NVIDIA G-SYNC Ultimate screen makes it possible to unleash gaming’s maximum potential.

With an amazing 99% Adobe RGB color space and In-plane switching technology, it gives you a generous color range and high color accuracy. Nanosized dots that emit a specific color based on their size infuse your game with a life-like realism that only they can deliver.

Experience higher peak-brightness, better color accuracy, and higher saturation, with no blur when the action is moving rapidly.

Predator Game Mode has 8 pre-set display modules to optimize the visuals for a diversity of content. Thanks to NVIDIA G-SYNC Ultimate you will be able to enjoy Tear Free Gaming.

Besides, the tilt angle from -5 to 25 degrees will let adjust the screen to your needs and enjoy the prolonged usage of this amazing monitor.

  • Wide gamma range
  • Improved contrast ratio
  • A good combination of features
  • Inbuilt fan
  • Tear-free gaming
  • Fast response time
  • Amazing tilt angle
  • No indicator to show HDR is active

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Amazing 27-Inch Monitor With FreeSync Technology

asus vg279q

With a breathtaking 144Hz refresh rate, rapidly-moving visuals pose no problem for this model, which means no annoying lag.

Thanks to the Extreme Low Motion Blur Tech, moving objects look even sharper, resulting in fluid and more responsive gameplay. Adaptive-Sync (FreeSync) tech promises the smoothest, quickest, and most jaw-dropping visuals almost beyond imagination.

Shadow Boost tech clarifies dark surfaces of the game realm without overexposing brighter surfaces. Due to Wide viewing angles guarantee minimal distortion and color variations even when you’re observing from extreme positions.

Its ergonomically-designed stand lets you set up all components of the screen so you always find your ideal position (It can also be VESA wall-mounted to fit in any limited space).

  • Excellent picture
  • Top-quality contrast
  • IPS panels for an improved experience
  • In-built speakers
  • No lags
  • 144 Hz refresh rate
  • Fluid gameplay
  • Sharp-looking on-screen moving objects
  • Occasional problems with dead pixels

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LG 27GL650F-B

G-Sync Gaming Monitor on a Budget

lg 27gl650f-b

This LG 27” monitor features FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS display, which allows you to experience your favorite movies and games in full HD resolution.
It is fully G-Sync compatible, meaning that you will rarely experience those frame skips, allowing you to smoothly watch movies and play games without picture stutter.

When it comes to its refresh rate, it has a solid 144Hz. Along with that comes just 1ms motion blur reduction, which completely removes any blurry effects, allowing you to have clearer picture.

Apart from that, this LG monitor features AMD Radeon Free Sync compatibility, meaning that it will go perfectly well with AMD Radeon GPUs and it is HDR10 compatible as well.

Another useful feature is that it has a completely adjustable stand, which allows you to modify the height, to pivot it or to adjust tilt stand according to your wishes.

  • G-Sync compatibility
  • Radeon Free-Sync Technology
  • HDR10 compatibility
  • Very good 1ms blur reduction
  • Decent 144Hz refresh rate
  • There could be some screen tearing happening to some users

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Slim Design and an Excellent Pack of Features All in One Monitor

aoc 27v2h

This vibrant IPS panel is using a modern, clean, hidden “Edge” borderless design for clean and active presentation and elegant metal stand. Equipped with FreeSync and quick response, this monitor excels with all types of applications.

In-plane switching panels are the most wanted ones because they produce realistic colors that don’t alter when you observe from the side.

AMD FreeSync syncs the display and GPU in your AMD PC to eliminate screen tearing, stutter, and input lag, providing the smoothest, quickest, and visually most stunning experience possible. Being less than 8mm thick, the truly slim design appears good in any environment.

  • Zero lag
  • Easy-to-navigate button menu
  • Simple assembly
  • Vibrant IPS panel
  • Borderless design
  • FreeSync and quick response
  • Doesn’t come with a DVI cable

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Overall, these are the top 27 inch monitors you can find on the market. They all have something unique. Your job is to pick the “uniqueness” you like and think what will suit you best.

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